Services Available:

Permaculture Design Services - Designing your property to meet permaculture principles and your goals

Honeybee Swarm Services - We catch swarms and relocate them to a place where they can thrive

Pollination Services - If you have a large number of plants that need to be pollinated to get the best return on your crop, or even if you have a large pasture or field that you would like to see get some use, we bring our bees to you.

Shearing Services - Do you have sheep that needs to lose their winter coat? We can help with that.

Grazing Services - Do you have any pasture, fields or large grassy areas that need a good mow and fertilization? Are you looking for a way to avoid using chemicals or paying someone hours to mow? How about let our sheep graze it down for you, they will leave the area nicely trimmed and well fertilized to boot.

If you or anyone you may know might be interested or need any of these services, please contact us through the contact page. If there are any questions you might have don't hesitate to ask.