Kitty Medusa


Kitty Medusa

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Bag Dimensions:

Small Notions: 3.5”x5.5”

Medium Notions: 4”x7”

Large Notions: 5”x8”

Small Project: 6”x9”

Medium Project: 8”x10”

Large Project: 11”x14”

Small Tote: 11.5”x14”

Medium Tote: 12"x16"

Large Tote: 16”x20”

Backgrounds can vary from size to size and within a size. Backgrounds are subject to change without notice, as I don’t have control over the background that is ordered. If you specifically need to see what is available before purchasing, you may ask specifically.

These project bags and totes have the artwork of doodler extraordinaire Emily Martian. She is an extremely talented artist with a fun and quirky sense of humor. I know you will love carrying around her artwork as much as I do.

The Project Bags and Notions Bags are all made with a sublimation printer, so there is no iron on transfer to come off. They are made with a water resistant fabric that has holds up very well. All of these bags also have an inside zippered pouch that are perfect for sticking smaller items, and the large project bag inner pocket can fit 8" straight needles.

The totes are a very soft fabric, so they fold up and stuff just about anywhere, making them great project bags ore reusable shopping bags. The ones with zippers are fabulous for keeping all your things inside the bag.

All artwork belongs to Emily Martian, none is to be copied, or reproduced without the express consent of the artist.

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