Honey Girl Farms is growing!

We recently purchased 13 new sheep and 12 of them were supposed to be pregnant. They were due February 7 and we had one born on February 4, a little ram and another born on February 6, a nice big ewe. Both lambs are healthy and doing well, but so far we haven't seen any other lambs since then. I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping more show up soon as I would really like to be able to show them. They are all beautiful sheep with what appear to be very nice fleeces. Ive sheared one so far and look forward to shearing the rest soon, which means fleeces for sale! It also means that I will be spinning yarn like a crazy person to get it up in my shop.

Other things going on in relation to fiber is the dyeing, I have some exciting themed color ways that I'm looking forward to putting out over the spring and summer. Some themes include Harry Potter, Art Through the Ages, and Music Inspiration. I am really looking forward to putting these colors together and seeing what everyone creates from them.

As spring is quickly approaching, that means the gardening must begin, and of course... The Honeybees will be making their grand appearance. We have checked the hives and we have lost two, but so far the other two look strong. We are planning to buy more bees to get the other hives going again, and we are really looking forward to see what our new farm can produce. To help with that we need to get planting, we have a bunch of native trees coming from the Missouri Department of Agriculture to add food and sustenance for the bees, ourselves, as well as some providing dye for the dye shop. The seasonal garden is also being planned and we look forward to see what we produce from there.

As you see, it's been a very busy winter and looks to be a very busy spring. We look forward to sharing our successes, failures and blunders with you throughout the year. The business end is slow, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and looks to be a promising year. Thank you all for your support and encouragement on our endeavors. 

God Bless,


Spring Planting Festival at Baker Creek Seed Co.

May second and third we headed down to Mansfield, MO to a fabulous little festival called the Spring Planting Festival. We have been there a couple times now and every year it seems to get bigger and bigger. There are many artisans and plant vendors and of course you cant miss the Baker Creed Seed Company Store, which is filled with thousands of non-gmo heirloom seeds. The selection is downright amazing, but also can be overwhelming. Another must stop while in the Bakersville is the bakery for their fantastic cinnamon rolls. There is truly tons to see as well of speaker presentations and live music. If you ever get a chance to go, I highly suggest it.

While there, I picked up some garden hand tools, three chickens,  some plants and of course I couldn't pass up some handspun yarn to add to my stash (if only I could figure out what to use it for). The best and worst part of going to events like this are all the ideas and wants that you start developing, so it makes that already long list of wants and to-do's even longer.

We were blessed with a beautiful weekend to visit and we look forward to more visits in the future.

Source: www.rareseeds.com