Fantastic Beasts Collection

Check out the awesome Fantastic Beasts yarn collection over in the Etsy shop!

 The Characters:

Newt Scamander

Seraphina Picquery  

Porpentina Goldstein

Queenie Goldstein  

Gnarlack the Goblin Gangster  

Jacob Kowalski  

Percival Graves  

The Beasts: 







Fawkes the Phoenix

Swooping Evil





Upcoming Events

Honey Girl Farms will be at a number of great events this year!  

The first event will be the Green With Indie Craft Show on March 11. This looks to be a great event with a lot of talented vendors. For more information on the event, check out the Facebook page:

The second event is much larger and is located in Chicago, IL on April 1 & 2. YarnCon is going to be a great event full of yarn, fiber and all the fun stuff to go along with it. If you are a big fan of the fiber arts, you should definitely go check it out. For more information, check out their website at:

The third event this spring is MINI's On The Dragon "MOTD" running May 3-7. This combines my love of fiber art with my love of Mini Coopers. So if you are near Fontana Village in NC, head on over and stock up on some great yarn. For more information on this event check out