We're off to Stitches West!

We are officially on the way to Stitches! The start was a bit later than what we were hoping for, but there is always those last minute things to do that pop up. We officially set off around 3pm and we're hoping to make fair distance today. I really hope that I remembered everything, or at least if I did forget something, it's something that only requires a trip to Walmart. We started today with a bunch of snow falling, but it all melted, warmed up, and the sun came out. 

Yesterday the Silky DK arrived and I dyed all but one color before I left. I was up until 2am trying to get it all done. The wet yarn is hanging in the trailer to dry, so it should be dry and ready to ship on Monday. I will admit I'm probably going to enjoy not dyeing anything for a few days, but I'll miss it before I get back home.

For those of you coming to Stitches West, there will be a lot of yarn debuting there. The Doctor Who Collection as a whole will be there, most of House Targaryen, a special California series, as well as a few others. I'm really looking forward to meet many of you and see others of you again. Going to this show will allow me to see family as well.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I'll check back in tomorrow.