California or Bust Trunk Show Road Trip Days 2-6

I’m a bit behind on adding blog posts, but if you follow me on social media, you know it’s been a rough week.

The Studio Knitting & Needlepoint in Overland Park, KS was a fantastic trunk show. It was so wonderful to meet everyone and see their projects. I received such a warm welcome and fantastic hospitality. I look forward to doing another show with them in the future.

Blazing Star Ranch in Englewood, CO was a blast. Not quite as busy as the show in Overland Park, but it was also the middle of the week. This shop will still have my yarn available for purchase through November 5. So if you weren’t able to meet me in there, please go check out the yarn in person. This shop is small, but a wonderful little gem. it’s a great place for spinning and weaving as well.

The Motorhome Adventure…

The motorhome on this trip has been quite an interesting ordeal. It started out with so much potential for small shows and trunk shows to avoid costs of hotels and eating out. It worked fantastic from home until Limon, CO. I got off the highway to get gas, and when I tried to accelerate from the stop sign, it wouldn’t go. A lot of possibilities went through my mind as to what happened, and when it finally got looked at, it was determined to be the transmission. The price of a new/new to me transmission, just wasn’t worth the cost considering the age and condition of the motorhome. So the next plan of action will be saving for a new vehicle for trunk shows and smaller shows.

With all that stress and headache a wonderful bit of fortune happened. I went to Enterprise to get my rental to take me to Phoenix. When I called Hertz, since that who AAA uses, they were extremely unhelpful on the phone and much more expensive than I could afford with being stuck in an emergency. When I called Enterprise to set up the rental, they were very reasonably priced and very sympathetic and helpful with my situation. The only car they had in the category was a Kia Rio, I really needed something with a hatchback or a smidgen more room with needing to unload most of the motorhome into it. At this point of the night I was exhausted both physically and mentally, so I was more than willing to be patient while the looked for something that would work for me. With a few failed attempts finding something, someone came back in with a BMW X3, after some figuring out, I was asked if that would work for me. There is no doubt they saw the huge grin that came across my face. Not only was I given a vehicle that would fit what I needed it to, but it was also super fun to drive. The two employees that were working Monday, October 22 at the Quebec St. location in Denver, were absolutely wonderful and caring. I will share the details of my adventure as I left Denver on my next post.