Beauty and the Beast Collection Part 1 is LIVE!

The Beauty and the Beast Collection is now live here on the website. It is really exciting to have the shop on the website open again, so have a look and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. There will be a second update for the rest of this collection next Friday. 

I've been really excited about these color ways. I really do enjoy creating all the color ways for some of my favorite fandoms.

The Beast
from 26.00

This yarn is inspired by the new live action Beauty and the Beast film. This yarn is based on a photograph of the Beast dressed up for the dance with Belle.

All Yarns are hand painted and kettle dyed. This means that every yarn can vary. If you need multiple yarns for a project, it is highly recommended that you purchase them at the same time so that they can come from the same dye lot. Some of the brighter colors can bleed, even though they have been rinsed multiple times, if you notice this run under cold water until water is clear.

Care: Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry

All products are created in a smoke free and pet friendly environment. 

All photographs are used as inspiration for the yarn and are not owned by myself and belong to the franchise/character in which they represent. None of the yarns belong to or are affiliated with any of the fandoms, franchises, or characters for which it is inspired from.

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