A Big Move

Exciting times here at Honey Girl Farms! We are about to move to a larger farm, which means more products, more updates and we will start having events and get-togethers.  

I have been stocking up on fiber so that I'm ready to spin all winter long and will be posting some awesome new yarns, so keep a look out. I'll even have a few yarns from my own sheep available. We're also going to add a lot more chickens, so we'll have lots of fresh eggs to sell. We are all terribly excited for the coming year and all the possibilities.  

There are plans to have farm visits, spinning events, knitting events, parties, and other events that welcome our customers and friends to our little farm out in Gerald, MO. When the move is complete I will take some pictures as I set up my dyeing studio and get the sheep all settled in and of course we can't forget photos of the bees. So stay tuned, more updates coming soon...