California or Bust Trunk Show Road Trip Days 2-6

I’m a bit behind on adding blog posts, but if you follow me on social media, you know it’s been a rough week.

The Studio Knitting & Needlepoint in Overland Park, KS was a fantastic trunk show. It was so wonderful to meet everyone and see their projects. I received such a warm welcome and fantastic hospitality. I look forward to doing another show with them in the future.

Blazing Star Ranch in Englewood, CO was a blast. Not quite as busy as the show in Overland Park, but it was also the middle of the week. This shop will still have my yarn available for purchase through November 5. So if you weren’t able to meet me in there, please go check out the yarn in person. This shop is small, but a wonderful little gem. it’s a great place for spinning and weaving as well.

The Motorhome Adventure…

The motorhome on this trip has been quite an interesting ordeal. It started out with so much potential for small shows and trunk shows to avoid costs of hotels and eating out. It worked fantastic from home until Limon, CO. I got off the highway to get gas, and when I tried to accelerate from the stop sign, it wouldn’t go. A lot of possibilities went through my mind as to what happened, and when it finally got looked at, it was determined to be the transmission. The price of a new/new to me transmission, just wasn’t worth the cost considering the age and condition of the motorhome. So the next plan of action will be saving for a new vehicle for trunk shows and smaller shows.

With all that stress and headache a wonderful bit of fortune happened. I went to Enterprise to get my rental to take me to Phoenix. When I called Hertz, since that who AAA uses, they were extremely unhelpful on the phone and much more expensive than I could afford with being stuck in an emergency. When I called Enterprise to set up the rental, they were very reasonably priced and very sympathetic and helpful with my situation. The only car they had in the category was a Kia Rio, I really needed something with a hatchback or a smidgen more room with needing to unload most of the motorhome into it. At this point of the night I was exhausted both physically and mentally, so I was more than willing to be patient while the looked for something that would work for me. With a few failed attempts finding something, someone came back in with a BMW X3, after some figuring out, I was asked if that would work for me. There is no doubt they saw the huge grin that came across my face. Not only was I given a vehicle that would fit what I needed it to, but it was also super fun to drive. The two employees that were working Monday, October 22 at the Quebec St. location in Denver, were absolutely wonderful and caring. I will share the details of my adventure as I left Denver on my next post.

The Buzz - Episode 2

The latest v-log is live! I was definitely less nervous for this one. I think they will begin to get better and better every time. In this episode, I show you some of the new yarns coming in Friday's update, along with some of the new bases that just arrived. This weeks update is Friday at 6pm CST. Let me know what you think of the latest episode, I had fun with it.



The Buzz - Episode 1

It's here!! My first of hopefully many video blogs. I have to admit that it was super scary and incredibly intimidating. Probably one of my biggest "most awkward moments", but I survived. The first one is done and out of the way, so it can only get better from here, right? So here it is...

The Buzz - Episode 1

Wonderful event and heading home

Honey Girl Farms had a wonderful time at Stitches West! I loved being able to meet so many fans that I only knew online. It’s great to be able to put faces with names. 

On the rest of the journey to the event there were some difficult weather spots, the worst was going through Flagstaff, but thankfully, it didn’t last too long. Doing this drive makes me miss doing road trips where you stop at those random roadside shops and attractions. I’m going to have to plan a road trip where I have time to stop.

Driving through New Mexico

Driving through New Mexico

Beehives pollinating all the almond blossoms in California 

Beehives pollinating all the almond blossoms in California 

Once getting to Santa Clara, I had one night to relax before beginning to set up on Wednesday and Thursday, February 20 & 21.

Awkwardly presenting my booth. 😂

Awkwardly presenting my booth. 😂

I learned very quickly that I was right about having a single booth. It was set up as optimally as possible, but there was just not enough room for a lot of people to really shop. So for Midwest and on, I’ll have a double booth for plenty of room. I’ll be looking to have people make examples of my yarns knit up. If you would like to volunteer or you have something I can buy, please send me a message. I have big plans for my booths going forward. I learned a lot and made many great connections. I am really excited about what this year will bring.

I grew up in California, so it was a great time to see family. I have been bad about taking pictures, so I didnt get one when I went to dinner with my cousin, but I did get one with my dads side of the family. I wish I had more time to visit with friends, but I’ll have more time to do that when I go to Stitches SoCal. 


Harding side of the family. A few people missing, but still a good turnout.

Harding side of the family. A few people missing, but still a good turnout.

Now it’s time to head home so that I can get more dyed for Stitches United in Connecticut. Yesterday I had a chance to spend the day in Monterey and go to the aquarium. It’s one of, if not the best aquarium in the world. (I’ve been to quite a few). I was excited to see it again. I also walked the beach for sea glass and had a fantastic seafood lunch. It was such a nice day before hitting the road for the race back home.


Monterey Bay Aquarium 

Monterey Bay Aquarium 

View from the restaurant at lunch

View from the restaurant at lunch

The drive now continues. I had a great breakfast with coffee in my new JaMPDX mug. I hope you all have a great rest of your day!


Breakfast and my new mug from JaMPDX.

Breakfast and my new mug from JaMPDX.

Outlander Knit and Crochet Along

Outlander is in full swing here at Honey Girl Farms! The new season doesn't start until September, but preparations for this event are going nonstop. The event page is on Facebook here if you're interested in joining in. 

It's a great group with a lot of active and fun members. So feel free to come join in. There will be 3 knitting patterns and 3 crochet patterns that will be released on October 1. So come join in the fun and grab a piece of the collection at

Check out all the great Outlander themed yarn: 



Spring-like day on the farm

There is a lot going on on the farm when the weather in February acts more like spring than winter. So much life is happening. Lambs are being born, honeybees are out searching for food and pollen, flowers are beginning to bloom, and green is showing itself all over. Spring on the farm is such a glorious time of year.  


A set of twin Corriedales arrived this morning.  


The bees are busy today! 

This is where our garden will be. Planning and preparing the garden for planting.  


Thank you for checking out the blog today. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We are happy to share what we are working on and towards here. We also love to hear about your stories as well. Have a great day! 

Fantastic Beasts Collection

Check out the awesome Fantastic Beasts yarn collection over in the Etsy shop!

 The Characters:

Newt Scamander

Seraphina Picquery  

Porpentina Goldstein

Queenie Goldstein  

Gnarlack the Goblin Gangster  

Jacob Kowalski  

Percival Graves  

The Beasts: 







Fawkes the Phoenix

Swooping Evil





Upcoming Events

Honey Girl Farms will be at a number of great events this year!  

The first event will be the Green With Indie Craft Show on March 11. This looks to be a great event with a lot of talented vendors. For more information on the event, check out the Facebook page:

The second event is much larger and is located in Chicago, IL on April 1 & 2. YarnCon is going to be a great event full of yarn, fiber and all the fun stuff to go along with it. If you are a big fan of the fiber arts, you should definitely go check it out. For more information, check out their website at:

The third event this spring is MINI's On The Dragon "MOTD" running May 3-7. This combines my love of fiber art with my love of Mini Coopers. So if you are near Fontana Village in NC, head on over and stock up on some great yarn. For more information on this event check out

Honey Girl Farms is growing!

We recently purchased 13 new sheep and 12 of them were supposed to be pregnant. They were due February 7 and we had one born on February 4, a little ram and another born on February 6, a nice big ewe. Both lambs are healthy and doing well, but so far we haven't seen any other lambs since then. I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping more show up soon as I would really like to be able to show them. They are all beautiful sheep with what appear to be very nice fleeces. Ive sheared one so far and look forward to shearing the rest soon, which means fleeces for sale! It also means that I will be spinning yarn like a crazy person to get it up in my shop.

Other things going on in relation to fiber is the dyeing, I have some exciting themed color ways that I'm looking forward to putting out over the spring and summer. Some themes include Harry Potter, Art Through the Ages, and Music Inspiration. I am really looking forward to putting these colors together and seeing what everyone creates from them.

As spring is quickly approaching, that means the gardening must begin, and of course... The Honeybees will be making their grand appearance. We have checked the hives and we have lost two, but so far the other two look strong. We are planning to buy more bees to get the other hives going again, and we are really looking forward to see what our new farm can produce. To help with that we need to get planting, we have a bunch of native trees coming from the Missouri Department of Agriculture to add food and sustenance for the bees, ourselves, as well as some providing dye for the dye shop. The seasonal garden is also being planned and we look forward to see what we produce from there.

As you see, it's been a very busy winter and looks to be a very busy spring. We look forward to sharing our successes, failures and blunders with you throughout the year. The business end is slow, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and looks to be a promising year. Thank you all for your support and encouragement on our endeavors. 

God Bless,


Who loves yarn?!

I have just finished my first set of kettle-dyed yarns! They are drying now and will hopefully be posted tomorrow. It was a blast dyeing these one of a kind yarns. No two are exactly alike. Let me know what you think? There will be close ups once they are dry, but you can see some of the colors now.  


Drying yarns

Drying yarns

Colors and yarn in the kettle

Colors and yarn in the kettle

Honey Girl Farms is Growing!

We have closed on our new farm! The moving process is not complete, but it is coming along well. There is a lot to do to get the houses ready and make sure the pastures are ready to house the sheep, after all we don't want any escapes (there is a trouble maker among the cute wooly critters). Half of the bees are moved and they seem to be enjoying they're new home and finding plenty to forage. There is a possibility of one of the hives being robbed, as there were characteristic signs when they were first moved and the last time we went near the hives there was a strong smell of honey. We didn't open everything up, but we will keep an eye on them over the next week and then open them up to give them a late last minute feed and candy boards for winter. Sadly we didn't have a great honey crop, I believe a lot of that had to do with the very wet spring and then very dry summer. However, there seemed to be a very good goldenrod crop this year, so hopefully that has added a lot more stores for winter, since natural nectar and honey is always better for the bees than sugar. Sugar is sometimes necessary for the bees survival on tough foraging years, but we really try to avoid using it unless needed.

Onto my favorite side of the business... My wool! I have officially made my first wholesale yarn order and I am super excited to start dying it up and having it available on the website. This is what I've been working towards for 3 years now and it's finally here! Any of you that know me, know how much I love color and in the past have attempted other ventures involving color, such as cosmetology, makeup artistry, drawing and other things that just didn't quite hit the mark for me. With the fiber, I think I have found my home. My love of natural fibers really began about 6 years ago when I worked for an outdoor company that sold a base layer brand called Icebreaker. I've known wool was special, but I didn't realize how special until they taught us about its properties and why it was so much better than synthetic fibers. They didn't just tell us how much better it was, they let us try it... I was sold. That was the beginning of a fiber snob, haha. After that I started reading about wool and learning about different breeds and that each breed was used for different things based on fineness and durability. I also researched about other fiber animals such as , rabbits (angora), goats (cashmere, angora, mohair), camelids (Alpaca, Llama and Camel), and others (Bison, Yak, and more). You can really get lost in it all, but when you can see, feel and touch the difference, you really can't go wrong. With that I've also started to learn more about plant fibers, such as bamboo, cotton, flax and others. All have a purpose and the histories are truly fascinating.

With all of that said, I'm going to be dyeing my little heart out soon and wanted to give you all a chance to throw out some colors that you would like. So please let me know if you all have any favorite color combinations that you'd like to see me offer.

Meet Darra

Darra is a new member of our Corriedale herd. She is natural colored and has a beautiful almost black fleece. She has a colorful personality and is full of spunk! We look forward to the beautiful yarns and lambs that will come from her. :-) 

Darra - Came home 09/20/15

Darra - Came home 09/20/15


A Big Move

Exciting times here at Honey Girl Farms! We are about to move to a larger farm, which means more products, more updates and we will start having events and get-togethers.  

I have been stocking up on fiber so that I'm ready to spin all winter long and will be posting some awesome new yarns, so keep a look out. I'll even have a few yarns from my own sheep available. We're also going to add a lot more chickens, so we'll have lots of fresh eggs to sell. We are all terribly excited for the coming year and all the possibilities.  

There are plans to have farm visits, spinning events, knitting events, parties, and other events that welcome our customers and friends to our little farm out in Gerald, MO. When the move is complete I will take some pictures as I set up my dyeing studio and get the sheep all settled in and of course we can't forget photos of the bees. So stay tuned, more updates coming soon...

Spring Planting Festival at Baker Creek Seed Co.

May second and third we headed down to Mansfield, MO to a fabulous little festival called the Spring Planting Festival. We have been there a couple times now and every year it seems to get bigger and bigger. There are many artisans and plant vendors and of course you cant miss the Baker Creed Seed Company Store, which is filled with thousands of non-gmo heirloom seeds. The selection is downright amazing, but also can be overwhelming. Another must stop while in the Bakersville is the bakery for their fantastic cinnamon rolls. There is truly tons to see as well of speaker presentations and live music. If you ever get a chance to go, I highly suggest it.

While there, I picked up some garden hand tools, three chickens,  some plants and of course I couldn't pass up some handspun yarn to add to my stash (if only I could figure out what to use it for). The best and worst part of going to events like this are all the ideas and wants that you start developing, so it makes that already long list of wants and to-do's even longer.

We were blessed with a beautiful weekend to visit and we look forward to more visits in the future.